Cunniff fifth-graders have an adventure in the tree tops


     On Friday, Sept. 26, 2014, the Cunniff Elementary School fifth grade went to Project Adventure in Beverly, Mass.

     The students had to get to school 45 minutes before school started. The bus left at 7:45 a.m. for Beverly. The bus was a madhouse, kids singing well-known songs, shouting across the bus, yelling at the bus driver, and eating.

     After the long one-hour drive, the students finally reached Project Adventure. They entered into a forest of huge trees where they met their counselors.

     They started with ice breakers to warm up. Then each group did their own activities, such as walking on tight ropes with a partner.

     One of the main activities was the lily pads. A person had to walk across lily pads, which were 20 feet in the air and controlled by kids pulling ropes. The kids on the ground were underneath the lily pads and had to keep the lily pads flat so the person could walk across. The kids walking across were strapped in harnesses for safety.

    The main event of the day was the zipline. Two kids at a time climbed 40 feet in the air and ziplined 100 feet to the other side.

   Just like the lily pads, the kids wore har-nesses. The other people would either be helping getting the students up or helping getting them down.

    The kids of the Cunniff fifth grade had a great time at Project Adventure.

–Jan. 6, 2015–