Fans are winners when they go to a Celtics game

DANIEL V., Cunniff Kids News staff reporter

Going to a Boston Celtics Game is really fun.

I have gone to a bunch of games. I love all the Boston Celtics players, but my favorite players are Isaiah Thomas and Marcus Smart.

One amazing fact about the Boston Celtics is that they have won 17 championships, more than any team ever in the NBA!

One of my favorite games that I went to was against the Atlanta Hawks on Feb. 11, 2015. The Boston Celtics were losing to Atlanta by a lot, but at the end Evan Turner hit a buzzer-beater and Boston beat the best team in the East.

When you go to a Boston Celtics game, I recommend to sit in the middle because I have sat in the front rows and I could not see because there were taller people then me. I have also sat really high, but it was also hard to see. In the middle, you’re not too high and you can see perfectly.

When I go to a Boston Celtics game I like to eat chicken nuggets with fries. If you would like to get players’ autographs, buy premium tickets so you can go in early and get autographs while the players are warming up. Also, don’t miss Lucky the Leprechaun, the Celtics’ mascot during timeouts and half time doing incredible dunks.

If you would like to buy a Celtics jersey or a Celtics basketball, go to the store at the TD Garden.

I hope you will go to a Boston Celtics game and have fun.

–April 25, 2015–