Meet Ms. Carlson

Toni Carlson is the Cunniff Elementary School’s library/technology teacher. She is also a massage therapist.

She became a library/technology teacher at the Cunniff School in 2007 when she saw an ad to be a librarian/technology teacher. She said, “That’s pretty cool! I can be a technology teacher and do it my way!”

She was looking for a job and saw a sign that said you could be a tech teacher and a library teacher. She said to herself that it would be a cool job because “I could do whatever I want to do.”

She was a librarian in her past job in Hudson for 10 years.

Some of the things she teaches in technology are Powerpoint presentations, writing biographys, and using Microsoft Word.

She has three kids — Andrew, Scotty, and Chelsea and some pets — one dog and two cats.

— March 12, 2010–