Meet Mr. Marcotte

What do teaching athletic training, adventure racing, and playing lacrosse have in common? They are some of the things that Greg Marcotte, the P.E. teacher at the Cunniff School, enjoys doing.

This is his fourth year being a physical education teacher. He chose his job because, he said, “I love exercise, physical activity, and working with kids!”

Mr. Marcotte didn’t always want to be a P.E. teacher. When he was little, he wanted to be a fire fighter, but he changed his mind.

Mr. Marcotte has an office in the gym that he uses to organize lesson plans. In it, he uses a computer to email teachers, buy equipment, and find new ideas for P.E.

He also has a closet that stores all of the gym equipment. There are more than 100 different activities in the closet. Some of his favorite activities are climbing, jump rope, and playing with scoops.

Mr. Marcotte started jump rope club, jump rope for heart, and he put up a climbing wall in the gym because he likes those things so much.

-March 4, 2009-