“Big Hero 6” packed with big laughs

Hiro (left) and Baymax, stars of Disneys new film, Big Hero 6.

Courtesy of Disney

Hiro (left) and Baymax, stars of Disney’s new film, “Big Hero 6”.


“Big Hero 6” is a mixture of a comedy, an action movie, and a tiny bit sad.

The movie is about a 14-year-old kid named Hiro, who loves robot fighting. When he comes home that night, his older brother Tadashi  isn’t so happy and his aunt isn’t super impressed, either.

That night, Tadashi says he will bring Hiro to another bot fight, but instead he brings him to his tech college. Hiro calls it “nerd school,” until he meets Tadashi’s friends: Honey Lemon, Fred, Wasabi, and Go Go.

Next, he brings Hiro into his lab. That’s where Hiro meets Baymax, an inflatable, walking, packable, and what looks like a marshmallow robot. Baymax is a personal health care assistant. He opens when you say “Ow” and closes when you say, “I am satisfied with my care.”

Hiro decides he wants to go to Tadashi’s tech college, so he goes to an audition and he brings in his invention, microbots. You wear a headband and think of something for the microbots to do and then they do it. But, next, a tragedy happens and that’s when the adventure begins!

This movie would be perfect for parents, teens, and kids 8 years old and up, all around the world.

One of the things that didn’t work in the movie was Tadashi’s friends names, which were confusing.

One of the best parts is when Baymax learns how to do a fist pump with an explosion because instead of doing a fist bump and saying “Boom,” he says, “Boop baloop a doop da doop,” and it made the audience laugh every time.

This is a great movie, worth five stars for sure!

–Nov. 7, 2014–