Giving a grade to the Cunniff’s many grades

BANDNA K., Cunniff Kids News staff reporter

May 7, 2012

The smallest elementary school in Watertown is the Cunniff. There are grades from pre-k to fifth. The main grades are fifth and fourth, because the fifth grade is the year you graduate from elementary school, and fourth grade...

Meet Mrs. Gillooly


April 28, 2012

Mrs. Gillooly inspires the children in the Cunniff School to make beautiful artwork. Through all grades, Mrs. Gillooly is the best art teacher you will ever have. She takes the time to teach each child at the right leve...

Meet Mrs. Riley


December 19, 2011

Flora Riley is an instructional assistant in Mrs. Rono’s second-grade class at Cunniff Elementary. Sometimes she substitutes for classes. Mrs. Riley’s favorite food is french fries and her favorite color is green. Her...

John Quinn (seated) takes a moment from checking in a new library book to pose
with reporters from the Cunniff Kids News

Meet Mr. Quinn

November 15, 2011

Sean McSweeny (in striped shirt) poses with reporters
in the newsroom of the Cunniff Kids News.

Meet Sean

November 1, 2011

Parents need to help kids stay safe online

ALEXIS C., Cunniff Kids News staff reporter

April 18, 2011

Facebook, Twitter, email, cellphones, and more. All of these can put kids’ identities in danger. But do kids know how to stay safe online? Do they know that sites such as Facebook can give your computer viruses? Do they know...

Meet Mrs. Erwin

Lauren A., Brianna W., and Sana S.

January 25, 2011

Julie Erwin is the new third-grade teacher for 2011. She took over Mrs. Uccello’s class. She said when she goes to work, she loves to see smiles on kids’ faces. Mrs. Erwin lives in Walpole. She has two kids named Catherine...

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