California scenes, from SF to LA

If you go to to San Francisco, you should go to see Alcatraz because it is very interesting. Alcatraz is an old prison on an island that was for really bad prisoners.

Lots of prisoners tried to escape from Alcatraz, but when they escaped some of them died, some of them got caught, and some of them decided to go back. A couple of prisoners built a float and swam, but nobody knows what happened to them.

San Francisco also has Ghirardellis, one of the most famous ice cream places in California.

If you drive south to Los Angeles from San Francisco, don’t go down Highway 1. It’s pretty but it takes 12 hours instead of six!

If you like Hollywood stars, you can see their plaques on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. At Grauman’s Chinese Theater, you can see stars handprints and footprints.