Set sail for “Red Rackham’s Treasure”

Tommy Dicker, Cunniff Kids News staff

May 2, 2017

   Ever read a TinTin book? Well, if you are interested, you should read “Red Rackham's Treasure.”    You have TinTin, who is a reporter and solves mysteries, and also he exposes gangsters and thugs.    T...

“Orphan Island” a heartwarming book

Campbell Pelton Cairns, Cunniff Kids News staff

May 1, 2017

“Orphan Island” by Laurel Snyder is a heartwarming book about the things we fight to hold on to, and the things we struggle to let go of. Orphan Island -- the island that is perfect -- almost too perfect. The island has...

“Bloomability” allows readers to enjoy the adventure

Nina Paquette, Cunniff Kids News staff

April 9, 2017

    Sharon Creech takes kids of different ages on wild adventures as they read her award-winning books. “Bloomability” took me on an adventure through lessons that are very valuable.     In this book, family...

Getting a taste of ‘Great Molasses Flood’

IRIS E., Cunniff Kids News staff

January 13, 2015

In Mrs. Gallagher’s class, the students are reading “The Great Molasses Flood” by Deborah Kops. The book is about the great molasses flood in Boston’s North End in 1919. A big tank of molasses that was 50 feet high and 90 fe...

Cunniff parent Maura Gallagher (front row in Red Sox sweatshirt) poses with reporters in the newsroom of the Cunniff Kids News
while promoting the Nov. 26-30 Scholastic Book Fair in the cafetorium.

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November 25, 2012

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