“Bloomability” allows readers to enjoy the adventure

Nina Paquette, Cunniff Kids News staff

    Sharon Creech takes kids of different ages on wild adventures as they read her award-winning books. “Bloomability” took me on an adventure through lessons that are very valuable.

    In this book, family and friend importance was ideal. I found it almost relatable because the genre is realistic fiction. The main characters were very obvious, which I liked because the characters didn’t move from static to complex or complex to static, which is confusing.

    The main/complex characters are Dinnie, a.k.a. Domenica Santolina Doone; Lila, who has a very, and I mean VERY big ego; Guthrie, who is very optimistic; and Aunt Sandy and Uncle Max, who are Dinnie’s “kidnappers.” The more static characters are Belen, Keiske, Maria, Mrs. King (who also has a big ego … wonder where Lila got hers…).

    The setting of the book is Switzerland. Dinnie goes to school and meets all her new friends and finds herself in a pretty hard situation after the year. She has to choose between staying in Switzerland with her best friends or going back to her family, who confuse her because she doesn’t know if they abandoned her or gave her an amazing opportunity.

    My favorite part of this book is the wild dreams that Dinnie always has because they are crazy and confusing. I like them because the confusing-ness lets me decide what they mean instead of the author telling me straight forward.

    I am very thankful that my teacher recommend this book to me. I would definitely recommend this book to someone because it changed my life.

    Like every good book, I didn’t want it to end, and, sadly, this book ended in a way I wished it didn’t — but in a good way. It left me with the privilege of making the decision of what was going to happen next.

   What almost broke my heart was finding out that a sequel does not exist. But I have noticed that authors such as Creech, R.J. Palacio, and many others believe that a sequel will destroy all of the the endings that readers have made. So, as much as it kills me, I’d rather have no sequel than have a sequel.

    Overall, Sharon Creech is one of my favorite authors, even if I have only read one of her books. Her voice really stood out to me and possibly to many others.

–April 8, 2017–