“Orphan Island” a heartwarming book

Campbell Pelton Cairns, Cunniff Kids News staff

“Orphan Island” by Laurel Snyder is a heartwarming book about the things we fight to hold on to, and the things we struggle to let go of.

Orphan Island — the island that is perfect — almost too perfect.

The island has only one rule: When a new child comes in a green boat, the eldest person leaves, going to somewhere no one on the island knows about.

The main character’s name in “Orphan Island” is Jinny, and the story starts by her best friend, Deen, being replaced by a girl named Ess. Then, Jinny is the Elder and the little girl needs to know some important skills to survive on the island.

The Elder’s main job is to teach the youngest all they need to know. But after that, the Elder will be replaced with another young child.

After she builds a strong relationship with Ess, she starts to hate the person that will replace her more and more.

   –April 30, 2017–