Giving a grade to the Cunniff’s many grades

The smallest elementary school in Watertown is the Cunniff. There are grades from pre-k to fifth.

The main grades are fifth and fourth, because the fifth grade is the year you graduate from elementary school, and fourth grade is important because it’s the year when you get prepared for fifth grade.

The two fourth-grade teachers are Ms. Rabbitt and Ms. DiIeso. The two fifth-grade teachers are Ms. SanAngelo and Ms. Erwin.

In fourth grade, students get a little more homework than in third grade. For some people, fourth grade is less fun then kindergarten, but I think they are wrong because in fourth grade students learn things that they never knew before.

In fifth grade, there is even more homework than fourth grade, but it is still fun because you get to do cool things like have a car wash.

Actually, I think that all the grades in the Cunniff are fun. But that’s my opinion. What’s yours?


–May 7, 2012–