A few of their favorite things (2012)

What was the best part of 2012? It depends on the person.

The staff of the Cunniff Kids News asked many people — students, teachers, family, and friends — one question: “What was your favorite thing that happened in 2012?”

Here are some of their answers:


“Being engaged.” — Charlie Muller, car salesman

“Booking the wedding and my baby nephew being born.” — Melissa Klepper

“Finding my Elf on the Shelf.” — Ella, cousin

“Finding my Elf on the Shelf.” — Bella

“Decorating the [Christmas] tree.” — Alicia

“Decorating for Christmas.” — Bridget

“Putting the angel on the tree.” — Caitlyn

“When I went to Seattle and met Bill Gates.” — Joseph, dad

“My husband and I bought our own house.” — Lindsay, mother

“The trip to Lake Placid, N.Y.” — Willie Egan, bartender

“I loved the book fair!” — Annalea M.

“I loved the headstand contest!” — Shannon

“Going on the junior cruise with my class. Me and my friends were on a boat for four hours, and I had a good time with my friends.” — Amanda S., sister

“I graduated high school!” — Alexia

“I loved the Italian fair!” — Joey

“When I went to the Dominican Republic [on Feb. 11].” — Andrea, baby-sitter

“My 25th anniversary!” — Mom

“My citizenship.” — Dad

“Went to New Hampshire with my mom, dad, Nonna, Papa, Aunt Amy, and Brooke.” — Lizzy, cousin

“Old Orchard Beach.” — Melissa Egan, Sister Thrift employee

“Winning the ‘Love of the Water’ award.” — Jacob, friend

“I received an award in school for being a good student.” — Valeria, cousin

“Vacationing on the lake.” — Aunt Valerie, financial controller

“Going to Canobie Lake Park with my friends.” — Anna S., Watertown Middle School

“Going to Disney World.” — Papa

“When I went to North Carolina.” — Liam

“Going to South Carolina.” — Anna

“Going to Portugal.” — Sam

“Olympics.” — Ananya

“My holiday in Boston [on Oct. 16]. I got a great welcome.” — Granddad

“Having a birthday party.” — Brandon

“Birthday!” — Henry

“I like spending time with friends.” — Lily

“My surprise 40th birthday party!” — Melanie Deveikas, Watertown

“My birthday party.” — Iris E., second-grader

“My birthday.” — Emily, first-grader

“My friends’ birthday!” — Declan

“My birthday.” — James

“The best that happened is that my children have completed another year of life full of health.” — Andrea, mom

“Spending the summer with my family and opening up my own business [Upper Hand Therapy and Training].” — Chuck Deveikas

“I like going to the park.” — Jake

“Games.” — Kaia

“Playing with Play-Doh.” — Logan, brother

“Golf shot.” — Uncle Richard

“Sidekick flips.” — Carl

“Playing mini-golf for the first time and being really good at it. This was in New Hampshire in the summer. I was so excited.” — Maria, mom

“Playing basketball.” — Gio

“I learned to drive my bike.” — Celeste

“Vacation.” — Uncle Steve, exterminator

“Angelina being born.” — Uncle Jon, tax manager, New Balance

“Angelina and Timmy were born.” — Nonna, secretary

“Timmy was born.” — Mom, nurse

“Timmy being born.” — Dad, teaching assistant

“Golfing with Willie.” — Alex E., sixth-grader

“The best thing that happened was that I could remodel my house.” — Terry, teacher

“Moving to a new house, and going to Chicago, the Fourth of July, my birthday, winning an award, and going to Ireland.” — Eoin M.

“The song, ‘Gangham Style.’ ” — Julian

“The best thing that happened was that, thank God, I bought a new car” — Edwin, dad

“Getting a new dog.” — Dominic, third-grader

“I got my hedgehog.” — Caileigh

“I had very good employment contracts.” — Alex, carpenter

“I got a better job.” — Sophia, nurse

“Art.” — Anna M.

“Making my awesome comics!” — Cristina

“Drawing pictures.” — Adam, third-grader

“I got to draw a lot of things that are new.” — Bryan

“Going to the Ringling Brothers circus.” — Michael, third-grader

“In my summer vacation, I went to Disney World.” — Ella, friend

“The arrival of my first child into the world.” — Steven, fireman

“Going to the Barnstable Yacht Club.” — Charlotte, sister

“I got to see my whole family.” — Brian, third-grader

“I went to Disney World.” — Mrs. Barry, teacher, Cunniff School

“My sumer vacation with my family.” — Julia, friend

“My birthday!” — Zachary, third-grader

“Halloween.” — Anthony

“Halloween.” — Mona, third-grader

“Fourth of July!” — Michael, third-grader

“Going to Sandy Neck for the summer.” — Chewy, dog

(Compiled by Cunniff Kids News staff reporters Sophie B., Michael C., Jacob D., Iris E., Celeste G., Mona H., Annalea M., Eoin M., Chipego N., and Gabriel S.)

–Jan. 1, 2013–