A few of their favorite things (2008)

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What was the best part of 2008? It depends on the person.

The staff of the Cunniff Kids News asked many people — students, teachers, family, and friends — one question: “What was your favorite thing that happened in 2008?”

Here are some of their answers:

“My vacation at Moosehead Lake and electing a new president.” — Shannon K., aunt

“My favorite part of 2008 was going to the Cape with my friends.” — Barbara P., computer software teacher

“My trip to Washington, D.C.” — Tom P., writer

“Getting ‘Speed Racer.’ ” — Tim P., preschool student

“Staying up late to see the Fourth of July fireworks.” — Mairead W., Grade 2

“Seeing a hail storm/snow in July … Bumping into Mayor Menino at Chinese New Year.” — Patrick W., Grade 4

“Going with friends to Chinatown.” — Tatum L., Grade 4

“Camping on Cape Cod.” — Eileen W., teacher

“Seeing Santa Claus.” — Chris B.

“Going to Santa’s Village.” — Andy W.

“Going to school.” — Danielle P., Grade 1

“My nephew, Brody, being born.” — Margaret P., mother

“Getting my puppy. … I like my puppy because it’s cute, smart, and fuzzy.” — Alex S., Grade 3

“Starting a new job.” — Betsy, nurse.

“Graduating from nursing school.” — Stephanie, nurse.

“Graduating from the Police Academy.” — Mike, police officer

“Getting my driver’s license.” — Dairen

“Dyanne ended preschool.” — Damaris B.

“Dyanne started kindergarten.” — David B.

“Playing soccer.” — Dyanne B.

“My soccer team was undefeated … I also liked having a chance of getting to run around playing [this summer] instead of staying home and doing absolutely nothing at all, all day.” — Christopher S., Grade 6

“Going to Mexico to see my parents … I liked when we went to Vera Cruz and when we went swimming in a beautiful hotel with a pool, and going across the street, all together, to the beach.” — Paulina S., mother

“When I went up to New Hampshire with my friends.” — Rebecca C., Grade 6

“Going to Greece in the summer.” — Elizabeth A., Grade 4

“Going to Lazer Zone for my friend Elizabeth’s party.” — Shannon M., Grade 4

“Barak Obama winning the election. It was good to see some change in the country.” — Patty M., manager

“I got engaged.” — Danika J., teacher

–Jan. 8, 2009–