In extended day, students’ creativity with duck tape really sticks out

Students in the Cunniff School’s extended-day program made a haunted house made out of duck tape!

Before the students made the haunted house, they had to sign up for the contest. The head instructor, Ms. Jenn, had to go online and sign up for a contest called “Stick or Treat.”

In order to enter the competition, they had to make a picture collage of their haunted house made of duck tape.

They entered the competition in late October. The contest was a competition to see who could make the best duck-tape creation.

The Cunniff extended-day program came in second place on Nov. 10 and won 30 rolls of duct tape and a duck plush toy.

They entered the design contest because they loved working with duck tape and they had already been making duck-tape collages a long time before they entered the competition.

Ms. Jenn said said the students in the extended-day program work on their 21st- century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

“I think their final product really showed that my students excel on all of these skills,” she said.

Although the students didn’t get first place, they were very excited and proud that they got a prize.

–Jan. 11, 2015–