Cunniff PTO to hold Election Day bake sale

Lisa Cerqueira of the Cunniff School PTO (center) poses with Cunniff Kids News reporters after an interview about the Election Day bake sale.

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, the Cunniff School PTO will have a bake sale in the lobby for people as they come in to vote.

The bake sale will raise money for the fifth grade, for such things as the yearbook, T-shirts, graduation, and field trips, said Lisa Cerqueira, who is a parent of a fifth-grader and one of the PTO reps for the first time.

Some people will bring treats like cakes, cupcakes, pies, bread, and coffee.

She said the PTO is asking people to donate baked goods — store-bought or homemade — which can be dropped off in the Cunniff lobby on Tuesday. “But if you can stay and buy a snack and tell other people to support the PTO, that would be awesome,” she said.

  (If you would like more information about the bake sale or the Cunniff School PTO, contact Lisa Cerqueira at [email protected].)

–Nov. 3, 2013–