Kids attracted to science visits

The Discovery Museum has been coming to teach each grade at the Cunniff School about science.

For example, the fifth-graders learned about lasers April 7. The students were taught that all light is a reflection. The person from the Discovery Museum gave the students mirrors, flashlights, and halves of 3-D glasses.

One experiment that the kids did was putting a laser on the board, then twisting fans to make different shapes.

The third grade had a program in the art room the same day. It was about magnets.

First, the students tested things in the room to see if anything stuck to magnets.

The students also made electromagnets. Then they had to test how many paperclips the electromagnet could pick up with five coils, with 15 coils, and with 80 coils twisted on a nail.

At the end of the class, the woman from the Discovery Museum gave the third-graders magnets and bottles with iron pieces.

The kindergartners had a program about bubbles April 10, and the fourth-graders learned about machines and levers April 14.

After vacation, Grades 1 and 2 will have programs May 5. The second-graders will learn about physics and the first-graders will experiment with magnets.

–April 18, 2008–