Cunniff principal draws raffle winners

If you are Deb or George, you can thank Stephen Billhardt for making you a winner.

Mr. Billhardt, principal of the Cunniff School, selected the winners of the Afterschool Raffles Sept. 30 in the school’s library.

Deb won two tickets to the Red Sox playoff game Sunday Oct 5 at Fenway Park. George won two luxury box seats to watch a Bruins game this season.

“I was nervous and excited,” said Mr. Billhardt about picking the winning tickets — even though he didn’t buy any.

“I didn’t jump into the action,” he said.

Almost 1,000 raffle tickets were sold — 626 for the Red Sox and 363 for the Bruins. The raffles raised $754 for the afterschool programs at the Cunniff and Watertown Middle School.

Tickets were only sold for a week. They were supposed to be sold at the Watertown Faire on the Square Sept. 27, but the Faire was canceled because of rain. Instead, Cunniff and Middle School students helped sell tickets at the Watertown Stop & Shop on Pleasant Street.

(Story reported and written by Cunniff Kids News staff reporters Denisse C., Taylor N., Leslie K., Owen G., Meagan K., Jie Sen L., Tia P., Beth P., Emari S., Renee S., Isabella V., Elizabeth A., Julia F., Ryan L., and Jia Yi L.)

–Oct. 2, 2008–