Snacks offer taste of Cunniff’s diversity

Every student at the Cunniff School has snack time, but not every student eats the same thing.

In a survey by Cunniff Kids News reporters, it was found that students ate a wide variety of snacks. Some of the students ate, for example, apples, grapes, potato chips, pretzels, Starburst, chocolate chip cookies, Girl Scout cookies, Cheez-its, Pirate’s Booty, Nilla Wafers, and Goldfish.

Even Mrs. Mandile, the second-grade teacher, recently had Irish soda bread for snack.

In the survey, the Cunniff Kids News found that no group of students – by gender, classroom, or grade – ate the same snacks.

But one thing seemed the same for most everyone: the students ate what their parents packed for them.

Students sometimes forget their snack. Leslie K., a third-grader, forgot hers recently, but a friend offered a choice of hers to share.

“The other snack was going to be a brownie, but I didn’t want to take it from [her],’’ said Leslie, who instead chose to eat her friend’s Oreos.

(Story reported and written by Cunniff Kids News staff reporters Aimee B., Kaitie M., Charlotte V., Jason H., Stephen S., Shannon M., Ryan O., Katherine L., Tia P., Renee S., Isabella V., Shannon H., Aidan D., Ryan L., and Katelynn O.)

–March 7, 2008–