Cunniff School newspaper gets name

A new online newspaper at the Cunniff School was launched Dec. 5, but it needed a name. The newspaper staff asked each class to vote for a name this week. The winner was Cunniff Kids News.

Thirteen classes voted for the names they liked best, and seven voted for Cunniff Kids News. Cunniff Chronicle, Cunniff Globe, and Cunniff Times each got two votes.

The reporters, students from first to fifth grade, interviewed many people for names for the newspaper. They talked to students, teachers, family members, and friends.

Some of the names that didn’t make the final four were Cunniff Herald, Cunniff Flower, and Cunniff Hannah Montana.

(Story reported and written by Cunniff Kids News staff reporters Austin F., Jillian M., Matt M., Charlotte V., Rachel Q., Michelle A., Rachel A., Daniel D., Lauren P., Frederick P., Isabella V., Julia F., and Luke M.)

–Dec. 20, 2007–