Meet Ms. Doherty

Sheila Doherty helps kids solve their problems.

Ms. Doherty is a guidance counselor and Ms. Davidson and Mrs. Antonellis are her partners. Ms. Doherty helps kids at the Cunniff School, from preschoolers to fifth-graders. She meets with kids in her room by the main office and helps them talk about their feelings.

Sometimes she talks, sometimes the kids play games that help kids solve their problems, and sometimes they watch movies. She meets one on one and in groups. Sometimes they meet for lunch in the teacher’s conference room.

Ms. Doherty has been at the school for three years. Ms. Doherty says she likes her work.

“Sometimes it is hard, but I love it,” she said. “The hardest thing is to make them talk.”

She says, “I work with all the other teachers.”

Ms. Doherty is really nice. Sometimes she is not at the school because she might have a conference, but she always takes kids from different classes to help them. Sometimes they talk about feelings, sometimes they talk about what happened.

–June 1, 2010–