A lot of laughs in “Muppets Most Wanted”

“Muppets Most Wanted” is a good movie because it has happy and sad parts and a lot of surprises.

It starts when Kermit is singing a song called, “We’re Doing a Sequel”, then a man called Dominic Badguy said to the Muppets should go on a world tour. A frog named Constantine hid in the fog and then … well, I can not tell you the rest or I’ll be a spoiler.

Anyway, Kermit went to the big house. Constantine was out walking when Fozzie noticed Kermit — well, who they thought was Kermit — was acting a little weird. Then they noticed that it was not …

Meanwhile, Miss Piggy did not feel right marrying Kermit, and she sang a song about it.

She got a big surprise: There were two Kermits. How did this happen?

Find out the rest by seeing “Muppets Most Wanted.” I would recommend this to everyone. I think it’s funny, scary, happy, and sad. It made me laugh.

I think people should see “Muppets Most Wanted”!


–March 21, 2014–