Walking into history at Gore Place

On May 29, the Cunniff School’s third-grade classes walked to Gore Place. It was a hot sunny day and the kids were excited to go on the visit.

Gore Place is a mansion that was built in 1806 as a summer home for Christopher and Rebecca Gore. Christopher Gore was governor of Massachusetts for one year (1809).

When the classes arrived, the students were separated into groups and given a tour of the inside of the mansion, the farm, and the carriage house. The house has many objects that are 200 years old! The rooms are large because the Gores liked to throw parties and have guests stay.

The students also got to see the servant’s room which was much smaller and had very little furniture.

In the carriage house the students were able to play with toys from the 1800s and dress up in clothes from that time.

The estate, which is in Waltham near the Watertown line, also has a farm with chickens, sheep, and other animals. People can visit the farm any time.

(To learn more about Gore Place, go to http://www.goreplace.org/)

–June 13, 2008–