Watching chickens while they hatch

They’re here!

Finally, after three weeks, the eggs in Mrs. Munger’s third-grade classroom have hatched. Well, five have hatched, but the last one should be alive but can’t get out of the shell.

Only two have been named. One is a yellow chick named Tweety. One is a rare breed of a brown chick named Cheepie, because you can hear him from down the hall.

Many classes have come to see the chicks. The oldest chick is only three days old, as of April 30.

They are going to a farm in about one or two weeks, then all of the excitement will be over.

The eggs came from a farm in Concord, near Drumlin Farm. They were kept warm in incubators in the classroom and at Mrs. Munger’s house.

–May 2, 2008–