Meet Bobo, Buttercup, and Chicklet!

The first three chicks hatch in Ms. Munger's third-grade classroom at Cunniff Elementary School

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Meet Bobo, Buttercup, and Chicklet!

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The first three chicks have arrived!

There are six eggs in incubators in In Ms. Munger’s third-grade classroom at Cunniff Elementary School in Watertown, Mass. The first three chicks hatched Monday, May 22, 2017.

“They’re not even a day old,” said Ms. Munger.

The third-graders named the chicks Bobo, Buttercup, and Chicklet. Ms. Park’s class named Bobo. The students brainstormed ideas and then voted on names.

Bobo is mostly black, Buttercup is sandy colored, and Chicklet is mostly black with some streaks of yellow.

“They are really slimy when they hatch,” said Ms. Munger.

Ms. Munger said the next three should hatch Wednesday, May 24. If they don’t, she said she is going to open them with her hands. They take about 21 days to hatch, said Ms. Munger. The eggs came from Drumlin Farms.

They are still in their incubators. They make a slight peeping noise.

In a few days, students will get to take the chicks home overnight to care for them.


–May 23, 2017–

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