Meet Mrs. Smith

Here is the transcript of an interview with kindergarten teacher Heidi Smith:

Cunniff Kids News: How long have you been at this job?

Heidi Smith: This is my fifth year teaching and my first year teaching kindergarten at the Cunniff.

CKN: Why did you become a teacher?

HS: I became a teacher because I love to teach children!

CKN: What is the best part of being a teacher?

HS: The best part of being a teacher is being with the children all day! I love to see the growth all the children make in one year!

CKN: Where do you live?

HS: I live in Watertown.

CKN: Where are you from?

HS: I am from Michigan.

CKN: Do you have any pets?

HS: Yes, I have a black miniature schnauzer named Gus.

CKN: Who do you live with?

HS: I live with my husband, Carson, and my dog, Gus.

CKN: What is your favorite color?

HS: Sage green and sky blue.

CKN: Thank you.