Mounds of fun at fund-raiser

On Friday, Jan. 11, the fifth grade had a special fund-raising event in the Cunniff School cafetorium: bingo and ice cream night.

Coordinator Laura Farry said the event raised about $700. It will be used for fifth-grade Sargent Camp.

The bingo callers, Diane Berkley and George Souliotis, said they were having a lot of fun.

Emily Carito, Jessica Russo, and other fifth-graders said their favorite part of the night was the bingo and that they had fun.

The photographers, Patty Murphy and Patricia Connors, took many pictures of the fifth-graders for the yearbook.

There was a lot of excitement after each bingo game because the winner could choose from a lot of different prizes. Fourth-grader Michael Giordano and second-grader Matt D’Amico won tickets to a Boston University hockey game.

When the ice cream was ready, the line stretched all over the lunchroom. There was a choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream and many toppings, including Oreo cookies, gummie bears, and M&M’s.

Third-grader Patrick Walsh said, “I had every topping on my ice cream!”

–Jan. 15, 2008–