Third-graders enjoy trip back in time

Cunniff students revisit the past at Plimoth Plantation

NINA P., Cunniff Kids News staff

     On Oct. 31, 2014, the third-graders of the Cunniff School went on a field trip to Plimoth Plantation.

     Everyone was so excited. Then the teacher told us to find a buddy for the bus. Once everyone found someone, we started on the road. It was so loud that some people couldn’t even hear themselves think.

     Everyone was on the lookout for a sign that said “Plimoth Plantation.” Finally someone spotted a sign.

     When we got off the bus, the first thing I saw students doing was stretching, maybe because after being cooped up like chickens, we needed some space. Next, we had to find our groups.

     Some people had cameras and phones, so they took them out and snapped some photos. Near where we parked the bus was a farm with animals, like sheep and goats. Then we headed to the Visitors Center. It took a long time to get in because of the crowd, but then we finally went in.

     Next we headed to the cinema and saw a little film of the place. Our group decided where we wanted to go, and so we went to the Wampanoag homesite.

     When we got there we were amazed by what we saw. We saw some huts, but then we spotted a line to go in one of the huts and we got in line. Once everyone was settled, someone started talking. The person who was speaking had a brown cloth on that was kind of like a dress. He said that the place we were in was called a “wetu” and it was a winter house.

     When we got out of the hut, we started to head to the English Village. There were tiny one-room houses, a garden, and the fort. The fort was two stories tall and on the top there were cannons. Lots of people climbed on the cannons and saw a great view out the window.

     In the garden was a lady planting vegetables. Most of the houses looked like this: one bed, a table with some chairs, and a counter of food. The whole house was about the average size of a third-grader’s bedroom!

     The pathways in this village were dirt roads. We spotted bulls behind a fence. When we walked by some people, we heard a girl ask a pilgrim, “What year is it?” The pilgrim said, “1620,” and the girl laughed.

     The third-grade classes from the Cunniff really enjoyed Plimoth Plantation and we were sad when we  had to leave. We all know this was the best field trip ever!

–Jan. 7, 2015–