Spelling Bee is buzzing with words

Fifth annual event for Watertown students in Grades 1 through 5 to be held Jan. 25 at Watertown Middle School

Elaina Griffith of the Watertown Education Foundation and one of the organizers of the fifth annual Spelling Bee for Watertown public school students, poses during her visit to the Cunniff Kids News newsroom on Jan. 13, 2015.

Cunniff Kids News staff, .

News is buzzing through the town, the Watertown Spelling Bee is here!

The fifth annual event will be held Sunday, Jan.25, at 10 a.m., in Watertown Middle School auditorium. It is for students from first to fifth grade.

There will be three people on each team. The teams are made up of kids from all three elementary schools in the same grade.

It costs $20 per person. The Spelling Bee is a fund-raiser for the Watertown Education Foundation.

Students can sign up by filling out the form and either putting it in the Bee Box in their school or giving it to a teacher.

The list of spelling words used in the event will be by Watertown teachers.

A Spelling Bee judge will read a word and the team will have around a minute to answer it. The teams in each grade will compete until there is only one winner.

The winning teams will receive prizes. The winning fifth-grade team will receive a cash prize.

“First of all, it’s fun,” said Elaina Griffith from the Watertown Education Foundation and one of the organizers. “We have a Spelling Bee because, honestly, Belmont had one and it was a huge success.”

In years past, some kids dressed up in costumes, and the teams came up with crazy names. There will be raffles at the event, including one for an iPad Mini.

Students can design the official Spelling Bee T-shirt by coming up with a design and submitting it in the Bee Box. The T-shirts are available for $10 each.

“You compete for the championship for the title of ‘Best Speller in Watertown,’ ” said Griffith.

(To register online or for more information, contact the Watertown Education Foundation at [email protected].)

–Jan. 13, 2015–