Model students found on Picture Day

ADRIANNA B., Cunniff Kids News staff

     Oct. 2, 2014, was Picture Day for Cunniff Elementary School. Everyone in the school had their pictures done. Almost every girl and boy were dressed up all fancy. Most of the girls and the female teachers wore dresses or a fancy shirt and boys wore polo shirts, but there were some suits.

     A place called Coffee Pond took the pictures. Coffee Pond took the class pictures in the library, and took the individual pictures in the art room.

    Coffee Pond used special equipment to take the pictures, and the light was blinding.

    In the hallways were filled with kids waiting to get their pictures done. It was very loud because there were about two classes at a time waiting to get their pictures taken.

    It was a very hectic day, but very exciting.

–Jan. 15, 2015–