It’s unanimous: Poll shows faculty, staff thinks Patriots will win Super Bowl

TIM P., TOMMY D., and CAM H.

    Cunniff Kids News reporters asked the staff working in the Watertown schools who would win the 2017 Super Bowl, what the score would be, and who would win Super Bowl MVP.

    Everyone picked the Patriots to win the game. Tom Brady was picked the most to be the MVP.

    Here are the results:

Kevin Boudreau — Patriots, 34-30. MVP: Tom Brady.

Marianne Cameron — Patriots, 35-28. MVP: Tom Brady.

Luke Donohue — Patriots, 35-28. MVP: Eric Rowe.

Eva Gerena — Patriots, 36-16. MVP: Julian Edelman.

Samuel Guy — Patriots, 5-3. MVP: Chris Hogan  

Tony Massarotti — Patriots, 28-7. MVP: Tom Brady.

Frances McGrath — Patriots, 24-16. MVP: Chris Hogan.

Ellyn Nagle — Patriots, 41-17. MVP: Matt Ryan.

Barbara Powderly — Patriots, 36-16. MVP: Tom Brady.

Christine Rono — Patriots, 31-21, MVP: Tom Brady.

John Vitti — Patriots, 45-41. MVP: Julian Edelman.

Allyson Walsh — Patriots, 28-6. MVP: Tom Brady.

Rosemary Ward — Patriots, 29-27. MVP: Tom Brady.

–Feb. 5, 2017–