“The Lego Batman Movie” has all the pieces for a fun time!


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Picture

Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) gets a lot of help in “The Lego Movie”.

Kimora Yancey and Nina Paquette

Add Legos and Batman together and you get “The Lego Batman Movie.”

This movie comes out Feb. 10, 2017. Get ready to chuckle and laugh because this movie has hilarious jokes! It makes your emotions go crazy! One second you’re happy, the next sad, proud, and laughing until your stomach hurts.

The story is about Batman, his son that he is unaware of at the time, Richard; his butler, Alfred; the Joker and other villains; and his very annoying replacement (in his case) Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl.

It is rated PG. The “violence” or “suspense “ in this particular movie may scare the youngest audience members, so people 7 and up would be the most suitable for this movie.

We don’t think you would have to see “The Lego Movie” first to understand “The Lego Batman Movie,” because the plot didn’t seem to have to do anything with the first movie.

We saw similarities between this movie and “The Lego Movie”. For example, they are both trying to reach a point where they attempt to defeat the villains and save the non-villains. In addition, obviously they are both Lego-themed.

Every movie isn’t perfect so we’d like to point out some things: There might of been a lot of repeats — like of Batman’s abs and the Batman theme song — which might have been because of Batman’s ego or the comedy, but we thought it repeated too much.

“The Lego Batman Movie”  comes out Feb. 10! Definitely go and check the movie out!

–Feb. 10, 2017–