“Circus 1903” filled with awesome acts


Courtesy of "Circus 1903"

The elephant puppets are just one part of the extraordinary “Circus 1903”.

Maisie Rounds, Cunniff Kids News staff

    “Circus 1903” is a stage show that is trying to bring back the original style of a circus. The show is at the Wang Theatre / Boch Center in Boston through Sunday, March 12, 2017.

    The show has only performed in a few other places in the United States before.  Some of the actors have not even been to the USA. before, let alone Boston.

     “Circus 1903” has some awesome acts. First is the seesaw where one person jumps on one end of seesaw and the person on the other end flies up into the air.

     Then there is the bicycle ballet where a man pedals a bicycle in all different ways. He stands up on the bicycle like he’s surfing.

     After that is the wild weird and wonderful side show with the elastic woman who can bend her body all the way into a knot like a pretzel.

     There was also a huge and very realistic elephant puppet and a baby elephant and they actually blinked. It was kind of freaky. It looked like it was made out of plastic and thread and a few kinds of yarn.

    My favorite part was the acrobats Anny and Andrei. They did an amazing flip with Anny being blindfolded.

    But I do not want to tell it all.

    Some of the talent have been in other circuses before, Cirque du Soleil or the Big Apple Circus.

    Children will love to see these amazing and wonderful people who have trained hard just for people like you and me. This show is worth all your money.

    So come to “Circus 1903” and you will see why they have practiced for years to perfect their amazing skills.

–March 9, 2017–