Meet Mrs. Erwin

Lauren A., Brianna W., and Sana S.

Julie Erwin is the new third-grade teacher for 2011. She took over Mrs. Uccello’s class.

She said when she goes to work, she loves to see smiles on kids’ faces.

Mrs. Erwin lives in Walpole. She has two kids named Catherine and Robert, and a toy poodle named Julio.

Mrs. Erwin’s birthday is June 1, and her favorite color is blue and her favorite food is steak from Edward’s Steak House.

Her favorite sport is baseball, but she likes to watch football.

When she’s not teaching, she said she likes to exercise and go on vacation.

Mrs. Erwin’s favorite seasons are spring and summer.

In school, her best subject was science. She said she loves to teach.

Her students say they love Mrs. Erwin as their teacher!

— Jan. 25, 2011–