Meet Mrs. Riley


Flora Riley is an instructional assistant in Mrs. Rono’s second-grade class at Cunniff Elementary. Sometimes she substitutes for classes.

Mrs. Riley’s favorite food is french fries and her favorite color is green.

Her birthday is Jan. 25. She grew up in Watertown and she went to the Lowell, the Hosmer, and West Junior High. She graduated from Watertown High School in 1984.

She has two cats, Maestro, her favorite cat, and Timmy, her son’s cat. Her favorite sport is swimming and she loves to watch football.

Her favorite toy is the Wii, and she likes to doodle shapes.

Kids like it when Mrs. Riley comes to substitute for their class. When she comes in, she helps with math and a lot of different things.

It’s fun when she comes into the class because the students get to do a lot of cool things they wouldn’t usually do in normal class. For example,  one day the students made necklaces out of glue and glitter and small sparkly things.

At recess, she has toys named Timmy and Veatrice. They are FurReal pets, which are cute, soft, and move by touching their back. Veatrice opens and closes her eyes, and they both make cute sounds.

–Dec. 19, 2011–