Cunniff art classes a picture of happiness

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The kindergarten art classes at Cunniff Elementary School in Watertown, Mass., are a favorite of students.

Most of the art projects have been paintings this year. So far, the kindergarten classes have made cool cats, hot dogs, and cool snowmen. When students say “cool,” they mean “cool colors.” The cool colors are purple, green, and blue. When they say “hot,” they mean “hot colors.” The hot colors are yellow, orange, and red.

Ms. DeLeyer, the Cunniff School art teacher, has a special tip when students are painting, She says, “Dip, dip, wipe, wipe, pick a color.” This tip helps artists create pretty paintings that are clean and not messy.

Cunniff kindergarten students want Ms. DeLeyer to know they love her and her class.

–March 15, 2015–


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