Early chicks catch third-grade class by surprise

Mrs. Munger’s class waits, watches six eggs inside incubators


Two of the chicks that hatched in the back of Mrs. Munger’s third-grade classroom at Cunniff Elementary School in Watertown, Mass., on June 2, 2015.


Have you ever incubated chicken eggs? The third-graders in the Cunniff School and they now have six chicks growing in Mrs. Munger’s classroom.

The six eggs have an incubator that hatches them. There are two incubators. One incubator can hold three eggs, so, in total, six eggs can be hatched at the same time.

There are three types of eggs: a green, an orange, and a white. The green one turns into a black chick, the orange one turns into a brown one, and the white egg turns into a yellow one.

When they hatch, the chicks come out very wet and slimy, but they dry off. When they have dried off, kids can take them at night to watch them.

The chicks were due to arrive on June 3, but they arrived a day  early.

On Tuesday, June 2, the third-graders found that there were three early birds. Two were yellow and one was black/brown. The third-graders think that the black/brown chick hatched on June 1. The first yellow chick had a crack in its shell on June 1, so it was on its way.

The black chick that hatched was in the same incubator and by accident turned over the egg so that the crack was facing down and the chick could not get out. So, Mrs Munger switched an egg with the chick that had flipped the egg over. Then she opened up the one that had flipped over. It started to bleed like crazy, and the students found out that it couldn’t walk on one of its legs.

Later on, the students saw another chick hatch! So, the students have lots of interesting chicks and they can’t wait for others!

–June 5, 2015–