My first sleepover: Minecraft, ‘Frozen’, and bouncy houses

ANIKA Z., Cunniff Kids News staff

     Finally! I’m finally here for my first sleepover in far away Rutland.

     As I walked into the giant house, my friend Angela’s mom was heating some marshmallows. Eventually, my other friends, Gika and Arielle, got to Angela’s house. There was also a pretty bad thunderstorm.

     “Aaaahh!” went the scream of Angela’s little sister, Bella.

     “You may want to cover your ears when there is a thunderstorm because Bella can get really loud when she hears thunder,” Angela said.

     Fifteen minutes later, more people came and I was getting bored. I saw Angela play Minecraft Lite and I reached for my iPad and started playing real adult Minecraft. A few minutes later, I asked Angela if could play Minecraft Lite on her ipad.

     As I pressed start, I chose survival mode because I wanted to be tough. I started building a oak wood house, then I noticed there were infinite pieces of oak wood!

     I kept playing until, while I was admiring my little hut, when Angela interrupted, “Be careful! Later, monsters will come!”

     After she said that, I shut down her iPad and gave it back to her. I was walking near the living room and I wanted to play Xbox. I asked Angela’s older brother, Brian, if I could play my Minecraft disk on his Xbox.

     “Oh, yeah!” I shouted.

     While I was playing, someone crashed the system. I said, “You crashed the system!” But he said, “No! No! It just happens from time to time!”

     As we kept fighting, I told his mom that he crashed the system. After all that ruckus, I went to the basement and I asked Angela if I could play some more Minecraft Lite.

     “I deleted it.” Angela answered.

     “Huh? Nooooo!” I screamed. “We are watching ‘Frozen’!”

     Arielle yelled in joy.

     “Yay!” shouted Bella.

     “Meh,” said Gika.

     “No thanks,” said Angela.

     “No way! Booo!” I shouted.

     “Disney Infinity is much better than ‘Frozen,’ right, Gika?” Angela said.

     “Of course!” Gika answered.

     I sighed and went upstairs. When I was finished walking up the stairs, I looked out of the back door and I saw my dad and some other people trying to blow up my old bouncy house.

     I zoomed downstairs and I told everyone about the bouncy house.

     “ ‘Frozen’ is much better!” Arielle shouted.

–Jan. 20, 2015–