People flip for Launch, Watertown’s new indoor trampoline park

IZZY D., Cunniff Kids News staff

If you like jumping and being active, you should go to Launch Trampoline Park. It is at 625 Pleasant St. in Watertown (behind Watertown Ford).  Its phone number is 781-373-3373.

The price is at least one hour of jumping for $15 and then $5 for each additional half-hour. Your ticket is a colored wristband that allows you to “launch” at a certain time.  When you hear announcements that your color is “landing now,” your time has run out and you stop. Launch asks you to buy grippy socks to keep you safe from sliding.  They are $2.50-$5.00.

There are many different areas you can enjoy.  There are areas for dodge ball, basketball, a curved trampoline that you can climb up and slide down, a foam pit to jump into, and a Stunt Tower.  The Stunt Tower is an extra $15 for three jumps and lets you to jump from 10 feet or 20 feet up!

Carina D., a fourth-grader at Cunniff Elementary School, jumped at Launch and although she said she couldn’t decide which area was her favorite, she really liked doing flips into the foam pit. But Nandini, a third-grader from Newton, liked the 20-foot Stunt Tower the best.

Parents can watch their children from the second story, where there are chairs, a snack bar, and a vending machine.

Do you need a new idea for a birthday party? Launch has four packages and private rooms for the birthday cake.

There were celebrities at the Grand Opening event on Saturday, Jan. 17, including Mrs. Massachusetts and Ms. Teen Massachusetts.  Ms. Teen Massachusetts goes to Newton South High School and was there at Launch to bring awareness to her cause of helping kids with health and abuse issues.

Mrs. Massachusetts said the best part about that day was “all the great people” she had met.

After a day jumping at Launch in Watertown, you will want to come back!

  –Jan. 22, 2015–