Turn your world upside down with these gymnastics instructions!

MAYA H., Cunniff Kids News staff

   Do you know how to do a cartwheel, split, and a hand stand? Not everybody knows, but I do. In this story I will show you how to do these three moves.


  1.  First you do a little kick
  2. Then you put your hands on the ground sideways
  3. Kick your legs up in the air
  4. Put your legs on the ground with your hands up


  1. Put your legs out wide
  2. Then you go down with your legs out
  3. After you do a split to get back up put your legs straight in front of you and stand up

Hand Stand

  1. First you do a little kick
  2. Put your hands on the ground straight
  3. You kick your legs in the air
  4. Then you get back up

You can do these moves on any soft surface.

If you can’t do it on your first try keep practicing and never give up.

–Nov. 14, 2015–